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Welcome to my homepage! my name is Arek Orosz. I was born February 15th 2000. Thats what I look like up there! I like to make experimental electronic music under my two projects Enterfant and The Moonlight Is Endless and release my albums/eps on my small personal label under the moniker Distinguishing Autopsy. I started out constructing what is called Harsh Noise; the cool cats on the block call it "Noise Muzak" (like pink noise if it drank jack daniels with methamphetamine). I dont relate it to music though, it is noise. Over the course of nearly a decade and a half I have dug deeper into finding various ways to sustain my recordings and execute my ideas to the publicks eyes and ears. I've released lots of different material working with different sounds and styles of music including Noise, Techno, Ambient, and what have you! All recordings I create are done from my bedroom and edited, mixed, etc on my own and released on CDs, vinyl, and other forms of media w my own cover art. I dont record from any type of studio nor have I undergone music classes; I enjoy creating things more freely in order to keep an open imagination on what i want to do with any recording no matter how it sounds in post-prod. Having an open landscape for multiple strategies, tabloids and blueprints is something i stand by intimately. Some of my inspirations wallow around many different types of music and artists; a couple notable bands/artists I enjoy are Kraftwerk, Aphex, Danielle Dax, Boards Of Canada, Joni Mitchell, Masonna, Controlled Bleeding, Suicide, Throbbing Gristle, 808 State, Enigma, and underground artists from the Acid House era in the late 80s/early 90s.


I also do other things such as make little doodles when im bored and I design and customize my own clothes. I also run a photo project on my flickr and tumblr which i think im more known to doing ... Hope this is sort of a decent overview of what its all about in the hills of grasswater %% hope you enjoy my unfocused inane mind (thats not susceptible so dont think youre looking for it, something less for you to think about) ! ! :--}

eat your peas and brush your teeth, -AREK

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